Working (Part Time) in the 21st Century

Video Session: Working (Part-Time) in the 21st Century
LEVEL: Pre- Intermediate/ Intermediate

AGE: Adults

  • Discuss before you watch:
•          How common is it for people to work part time in your country?
•          What are the most common reasons for people to work part time?
•          Have you ever worked this way? Do you know anybody who does?
•          What are the advantages and drawbacks for the employee/ company?

  • While/After you watch:
1. What does Remco Vermaire do for a living?
2. Does he work full time?
3. Has he always worked this way?
4. What percentage of Dutch men and women work part time?
5. Why do they say that employees can afford to be “choosy” in the Netherlands?
6. What’s the “daddy day”?
7. In what way has Remco set a precedent?
8. What does Remco’s wife do? How does she feel about their work schedule?

  • Focus on Vocabulary:
Read the following sentences. What do the highlighted words/ expressions mean?   

  1. I’m off on Fridays.
  2. He joined a growing group of young professionals striving to find a balance between their work and family life.
  3. In a country where the workforce is shrinking, employees can afford to be choosy.
  4. The 4-day work week has become a reliable way for companies to attract and retain talent.
  5. Remcon’s collegues supported his request.
  6. “What’s on your mind?” Remcon asked the people who approached him for advice.
  7. Within a year, all his other male colleagues with small children have followed suit.
  8. “It’s your day off today. Sorry! I’ll call back on Monday. It’s not that urgent.”
  9. By doing this, Remco seems to have set a precedent.
  10. His wife feels they have achieved domestic equilibrium.
  11. “The children are so at ease with him.”- Remcon’s wife said. 
    • Discuss after you watch:
    •          What do you think about this new trend in the Netherlands?
    •          If you had the chance to work part time, would you do it? Why? Why not?

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