Finding Love In Hyper Speed


Level: Intermediate +
AGE: Adult/ Young adult
Discuss before you watch

  • What do you understand by  “speed dating”?
  • How does it work?
  • Have you or anyone you know ever tried it?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of dating someone this way?

Read the items in the box below and tick off the ones you know. How might they relate to the video you’re about to watch?

take part in             sign up           venues             anonymous           rejection                      fill out a score card/ dating card               
run away         tell somebody a line                    compatible                   
pick someone               get a match                 smooth                     bubbly                 picky               kidding                  
 a spark in somebody's  eye                    break the ice                   outgoing

  After watching

Answer the following questions:

1- How does it work? (categories/ number of dates/ venue/ time/ cost/   

2- How can you start taking part in speed dating?

3-In what way is speed dating anonymous?

4- How does it compare to online dating?

5- How many people (%) have found matches?

6- How can people find out whether they’ve been chosen for a second 
    date  by the people they’ve picked?


7-Will Lisa pick Mark?

8-What did Mark like of Lisa?

9-What did Lisa like of Mark?

10-How did they break the ice?


Match the following collocations

1.    Fill out                           a. to do a course /for a course
2.    Take part in                    b. information on a website
3.    Sign up                          c. a date/ walks
4.    Find out                         d. a score card/ dating card
5.    Go on                            e. an activity

Multiple choice

1.    People take part in 8-minute/8-minutes sessions.
2.    Speed dating is a fun/ funny way to meet people.
3.    There are different price ranges/scales normally from U$35-40 for a night.

Read the following sentences. What do the words underlined mean?

1.    Over 65 people at each event wind up having matches.
2.    According to Cheng some women are very picky about whom they choose.

Discuss after you watch

  • What do you think of “speed dating”?
  • Would you give it a try? Why? Why not?

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