Are Gender Myths True?


  • What do you understand by “gender myths”?
  • Can you think of a popular gender myth in your country?

Read the following myths and say if you think they’re true or false. Account for your answer

  • Women are more talkative
  • Men don’t listen
  • Women can’t read maps
  • Women are more emotional
  • Only men have Adam’s apple
  • Men snore more than women
  • Men cheat much more than women
  • Women drive worse than men do
  • Women are more cautious than men
  • Men die earlier than women

Watch the video for main ideas
Link:Are Gender Myths True? | Video - ABC News

      - What is said about the myths above?

Watch the video again and listen more in depth

Make connections between the items in group A and those in group B. Account for your answer.

GROUP A                                         GROUP B

1. Blind-folded                              a. Maize of tunnels                        
2. cluttered room                           b. slight difference
3. June Reinisch’s                          c. Drink/ smoke
4. Newly-borns                            d. Female voice  
5. Male brain                                e. Speed  
6. Adam’s apple                           f. Detailed- description  
7. Snore                                       g. risk-taking  
8. Cheating                                   h. Testosterone  
9. Safe Driving                              i. inborn differences  
10. Men                                       j. Different behavior

After you watch

  • Is there anything you've found particularly interesting, silly or strange?



Get together into pairs or small groups and in 5 minutes write down as many sentences as possible comparing men and women. You can make your comparisons more emphatic through the use of the following words:

MUCH                 FAR                 A LOT                   A BIT                 A LITTLE               SLIGHTLY

 e.g.  It is said that men are much safer drivers than women.
       Men are said to cheat slighly more than women.
       Women do not take as many risks as men do.

Transcript: http://cafe338.daum.net/_c21_/bbs_search_read?grpid=1AY2&fldid=5Ote&contentval=0009tzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz&nenc=&fenc=&q=&nil_profile=cafetop&nil_menu=sch_updw

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