Walt Disney

Before you match 
  • Have you ever been to Disney World?
  • If so, when did you go? Who with? If not, would you go there if you had the chance? Why? Why not?
  • What do you know about Walt Disney?

Part 1: An overview of Walt Disney World
Where can you find the following? Join with arrows

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
Spaceship Earth                                                                                          Animal Kingdom
The Castle                                                                                                  Epcot
The Lights, Motors, Action!                                                                       The Magic Kingdom
Expedition Everest                                                                                      MGM
The complex tunnels

Part 2: Walt Disney: the man.
Say if the following statements are True or false. Account for your answer.

  1. Walter Elias Disney was born in 1010.
  2. He spent his youth in California.
  3. Ever since he was young he wanted to set up his own Hollywood studio.
  4. His brother Roy was in charge of running the business.
  5. Steamboat Willie was Walter’s first feature length film.

Part 4: Disneyland
Watch and answer thr following questions

  1. Why did he decide to build the world’s first theme park?
  2. Where and when was Disneyland set up?
  3. How was the park designed?
  4. What happened on Inauguration Day?
  5. What broke the Disneyland’s magic according to Disney?
  6. Why did he choose Orlando to build Disneyworld? Why did he keep everyone in the dark at first?
  7. Why was his dream put on hold?
  8. What happened in 1966? Why was it such a heavy blow to the Disney Company?
  9. Who made the decision to move ahead with Disneyworld?
  10. Who did he hire and why?

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