Prenuptial Agreements

  • Look at the picture above. What do you expect this video session to be about?

Discuss before you watch

-         What do you understand by “prenups”?
-         Is there any advantage to signing a prenup? What about the disadvantages?
-         Would you sign a prenup? Why? Why not?

Watch an answer

1.      Who are Bethany and Scott Palmer?
2.      What does Scott say about people’s attitude towards “prenups”?
3.      How should you get the conversation started according to Bethany?
4.      What are some of the reasons to have a prenup according to Bethany?
5.      Why is timing so important when it comes to doing a prenup?
6.      What questions should couples grapple with before you decide to sign the prenup?
7.      Are prenups for everyone of for the rich?
8.      What tips does Bethany give about prenups? What for?
9.      How can you avoid “hard feelings” about prenups?

Focus on language
Collocations: join with arrows and say how these collocations are used in the video
1.      Exchange                                                    your financial future
2.      Address/ approach/ bring up                          to divorce
3.      Protect                                                        engaged/ married/ divorced/ some things in place
4.      Lead                                                           a relationship
5.      Lay out                                                       an issue
6.      Put something                                             everything on the table
7.      Get                                                             a prenup
8.      Grapple                                                      on the back burner
9.      Strengthen/ weaken                                     vows
10.  Sign                                                           with a problem


1.      Newly                                                      business/ home
2.      A sensitive                                                way to do sth
3.      A family                                                   issue
4.      A surefire                                                 weds
5.      A key                                                       topic

Discuss after you watch

1.     Is there any issue mentioned you hadn’t thought of before watching?

2.     How would you react/ would you have reacted if your fiancé/ fiancée asked you/ had asked you to sign a prenup?

3.     How would you suggest approaching the issue with your fiancé/ fiancée?

4.     Do you agree that people’s attitude toward prenups has changed lately?

5.     Do you think prenups will become more and more common with the passing of time or the other way about?

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