How lucky are you?

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·        Do you believe in luck?
·        Is luck something that happens or something we create?
·        Do you consider yourself lucky or unlucky?
·        Do your students believe in the law of attraction?
·        Have you ever carried a lucky charm? When? Why?

Join with arrows

1.    Experience               a. a positive mindset
2.   Make                       b. prepared to work hard
3.   Tend                        c. good/ ill fortune
4.   Adopt                       d. on destiny/ fate
5.   Be                            e. to be fatalistic/ resilient
6.   Rely                         f. the most of an opportunity

Watch the complete interview first


Listening for main ideas

·        Were any of the ideas you’ve just discussed mentioned in the interview?
·        What point does Professor Richard Wiseman try to make? How far do you agree?

Listening for details

A. True or false?

1.    According to Wiseman the issue of “luck” is central to our lives.
2.   The Aimhigher survey has revealed that 82% of the people regard themselves as lucky.
3.   According to Wiseman, people who consider themselves lucky bounce back more easily after having a bad experience.
4.   According to Wiseman people who believe they are going to fail see no point in making an effort.
5.   People with a positive mindset see more pathways to success.

B.   Listen to the 3 students again – join the student with what he/she said.

·        student 1:
·        student  2:
·        student 3:
a-  If  I want something, I go for it.
b-  It all comes down to hard work.
c-  You have to push for things . You have to further your ambitions by being proactive.

C.   Listen and complete

Wiseman says that the goal of AIMHIGHER is to  __________   ________ the barrier of a fatalistic mindset.

English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions

Read the following English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions from the links below. Choose 5 and provide examples that are relevant to you.
Best of luck!

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