Khan Academy: The future of education?

Discuss before you watch

·         Have you heard of the “Khan Academy”? What do you expect to learn about it?

Focus on Vocabulary

Join with arrows


1.      A 10-minute                                             a. tag
2.      A math/ computer                                     b. degree from Harvard
3.      A revolutionary                                         c. classrooms
4.      Competitive                                              d. organization
5.      A big                                                        e. help from the teacher
6.      A price                                                     f. wiz
7.      An economics                                          g. approach to education
8.      One-on-one                                             h. salaries
9.      A handful of                                             i. deal
10.  for profit/ non-profit                                  j. video/ tutorial


1.      To gather                                            a. yourself full time to Khan Academy
2.      To tutor/ reach                                    b. a big boost
3.      To go                                                  c. global/ public
4.      To amass                                            d. millions of students world-wide/remotely
5.      To tackle/ break down/ struggle with  e. massive amounts of data
6.      To focus                                             f. somebody’s progress overtime
7.      To wind up                                         g. a library of math lectures/ a fortune
8.      To devote                                           h. posting lessons on YouTube
9.      To pilot/ fine tune                                i. a complicated subject
10.  To give your math                               j. to problem solving activities
11.  Monitor/ track                                      k. new software
12.  To address                                          l. students’ needs
13.  To move on                                         m. on the math

Watch and make connections

Watch again and answer the following questions trying to use some of the new vocabulary

1.      Who’s Sal Khan?
2.      Who backs him?
3.      What’s the Khan Academy and what’s its mission?
4.      Who’s one of his most famous pupils? How/ When did he meet him?
5.      What qualifications does Sal Khan have?
6.      Where does he work from?
7.      What are his video lessons like?
8.      How many lessons has he amassed so far?
9.      What’s his uncanny ability all about?
10.  How much reading does he do ahead of time?
11.  How long would it take to cover all the lectures he’s done?
12.  Why is it that he’d rather not put himself in the video?
13.  Why does his method appeal to so many people?
14.  How did Sal Khan get started?
15.  Where does Sal Khan get funding for The Khan Academy?
16.  How’s the "flipping the classroom" approach working in Los Altos school district and in Eastside Prep?
17.  What´s the role of the teacher in the Khan Academy?
18.  How does Cadwell feel about implementing the Khan Academy? Why?
19.  What do the skeptics argue?
20.  Where’s the Khan Academy math program being piloted? What are the test revealing?
21.  How many visits does the Khan Academy get worldwide?
22.  What’s  Eric Schmidt’s take on Sal Khan?
23.  What’s does Sal Khan expect for the future? What does he assure he won’t do?

Take a look at the following presentation on how to go about Flipping the Classroom. 

Flipped classroom from mrsfitzsocialstudies

Discuss after you watch

1.       In your opinion, is the Khan Academy revolutionary in its approach to education?
2.       Could it be an adequate replacement for a classroom?
3.       What are its assets as compared with traditional classroom interaction? What about its liabilities?
4.        Would you say these videos harken back to the idea that teaching is simply telling?
5.       Do you think the Khan Academy might be a vehicle for bridging educational divides by helping ALL students reach mastery of core skills and concepts?  
6.       How useful might these video lessons be for complex subjects?
7.       Would you use the Khan approach with your kids? Why? Why not?

Video Transcript

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