Money buys happiness (B2/ C1)


  • What do you make of the images above?
  • Do you agree with the statement “Money buys happiness”?
  • Would you rather spend your money on yourself or on others?
  • If you spend it on yourself, what kind of things do you prefer to spend it on?
  • If you spend it on others, what kind of things do you prefer to spend it on?


Match up the collocations

1.     To be in pursuit                 a. end of the day
2.     A correlation                      b. run
3.     To use money to                c. a raise or commission
4.     To be sensitive                  d. source of happiness
5.     To get                                e. of money
6.     To go into                         f. debt
7.     To spend money                g. on yourself/ others
8.     In the long                         h. question
9.     To go                                i. to change
10.    To be the main                 j. our advantage
11.    At the                               k. between money and happiness
12.    A burning                        l. after experiences


  1. What’s the correlation between happiness and money according to the video?
  2. How does making more than U$75.000 impact happiness?
  3. What does the video say about people who win the lottery?
  4. Where does the problem lie according to recent studies?
  5. What happens in teams and organizations?
  6. How important is the way money is spent on others?
  7. How should you spend your money if you decide to spend it on yourself?
  8. What should you do if you have a burning question? 



The following language might help you:

  • Money is likely/ unlikely to affect ... as...
  • Having money makes no/ little difference given that ...
  • The lack of money may have a negative effect on... due to the fact that ...
  • Having money has a profound impact on...in the sense that ...
These are some synonyms of the word "Important": Try to use them in your discussion as well: