Nomophobia (B1/ B2)


  • Look at the following cartoons. What do they have in common? 

  • How do you think your smatphone affects your life?
  • What are the pros and cons of using smartphones? Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, or the other way about?
  • Do you feel like you have to keep checking your phone when you're out?
  • When you are out and your phone dies, what is your reaction?
  • How disruptive are smartphones to a young person's social life?
  • What is the biggest disadvatage of smartphones on society and social interaction?
  • What makes smartphones so addictive in your opinion?
  • Have you ever heard of the term "Nomophobia"? If so, share what you know about it with the class. 


  •  What exactly is nomophobia? Do any of the people in the video mention any of the ideas discussed above?
  • What can be done to overcome nomophobia?
  • Do you think you might be nomophobic? Take this quiz and find out!   


  1. Change                                                highly disruptive/ part and parcel of today’s life
  2. Coin                                                     instantly
  3. Be attached                                         the phone away
  4. Suffer                                                  with people
  5. Plan                                                    your phone 24/7
  6. Hinder                                                face-to-face communication
  7. Put                                                      from nomophobia
  8. Acknowledge                                     to your phone
  9. Fight the urge                                     your dependence
  10. Have a negative effect/ impact          drastically
  11. Do                                                      things on the spot
  12. Get feedback                                      to check your phone
  13. Check                                                a term
  14. Be                                                      research
  15. Interact                                              on relationships 

  • How do the collocations above refer to the ideas expressed in the video?


In what ways have smartphones affected our lives? Has this been a positive or negative development?" (Write your essay 140-190 words)


  • Access to information
  • Relationships
  • ____________ (Your own idea)